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Majorca Veteranoes

Athletes 2004

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Mainland Spain had lost its appeal and the gladiators went one step further by going to their own island.

What a beautiful place it is too; we were fortunate that our local guide knew every inch of this Balearic beauty apart from where he should have been. 


Can there really be 10,000 roundabouts on the island ?

Or just a handful that we went around thousands of times.

New players had been cajoled into joining us and were gratefully accepted by the hardened drinkers – here were new victims for the same jokes and stories. Perhaps they could play and help us achieve that Holy Grail of football – a victory. 

Two nights in Palma were followed by three in Alcudia. Palma offered classy restaurants, stunning architecture and a great place to park one’s yacht. Al Cudia was where the Kwik Save employees from Macclesfield went to holiday. You had never seen so many tattoos, moustaches and shell suits. The men were even worse. The water park on the Friday cured a hangover or two until it was discovered the vending machines were dispensing Mahou at 1.6 euros a can. Who said the Spanish lacked business sense? 

Saturday was a day of travel. It was very nearly a day and night of travel. Our trusty local guide eventually led us to Blackpool on Med and showed us the very best of the local cuisine which was a memorable meal for all those who didn’t eat it, which is all those who were there with one exception – Iron Guts Hollowood.

Evening entertainment invariably included a stroll along to Frank's Bar. This english-swearing German, assisted by his wench Iris (of the ear), would be forced to haggle over the price of the every round.

But wait – we have got this far without mentioning the reason for travelling.

Fear not loyal reader, all that happened was a game between ourselves where Assassin Rhodes tried to incapacitate everyone around him, some of whom were his opponents.

Check the photos for proof of one mans destructive streak



What did the future hold for our intrepid gladiators? Would the newcomers tour again? Is there the possibility that Sat Nav will ever take off in Majorca? Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment.


The Persistent Offenders

  Jon 'Hitman' Herne
  Nick 'I'll Take That' Herne
  Ian 'Bad Ass' Hossack
  Martin 'Racing Snake' Kavanagh
James 'Rocket' Rhodes
  Phil 'Squandron Leader' Stubbs

3rd Time Lucky

  Ian 'Super Mario' Hollowood
  John 'Rea Brother' Stubbs

2nd Time Around

  Phil 'Thumper' Faure
  Martin 'Bestie' Hayward

2004 Tour Virgins

Andrew 'Sven' Buckell
Jon 'Fred' Pontin
Paul 'Sick Note' Reeves
Lee 'Bomber' Webster