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Cadiz Crusaiders

Athletes 2003

Smoke and Mirrors Tour

Nothing happened here; move away now – nothing to see. 

The smallest gathering of performing athletes to date, and also so far the least memorable. There was no game arranged and many of the previous participants decided to stay at home. 

What did they miss?

The glorious surroundings of the Royal Malaga Golf Club, wonderfully plumed birds in the trees, clever traps, challenging greens and the first case of sunstroke for the Hoodie from Newbury. To be fair, the temperature that day did match his score for the round. 

What else did they miss?

Arrival at the hotel at quarter past February saw that the American Sports Bar opposite the entrance had toilet facilities specifically created for the Dark Side.

This could have been an ominous indication that Malaga was going to be THE best site so far.

It wasn’t. 

What else did they miss?

We were able to see the first ever Cup Final played under a roof. OK, everyone else who saw it had that privilege but were they sitting in an Irish bar down a remote street somewhere on the Costa del Sol? Thought not. 

What else did they miss?

A public humiliation of our heroes. We went to the beach for a kickabout and within minutes the local urchins challenged us to a game. Some of them were nearly teenagers and their youth showed as they managed to score 10 first, we did get 9 however so it was fairly close. 

Things had to improve or the tour would die, new blood was needed and it was about time we could find a team willing to lose.



The Persistent Offenders

  Jon 'Hitman' Herne
  Nick 'I'll Take That' Herne
  Ian 'Bad Ass' Hossack
  Martin 'Racing Snake' Kavanagh
James 'Rocket' Rhodes
  Phil 'Squandron Leader' Stubbs

2nd Time Around

  Ian 'Super Mario' Hollowood

2003 Tour Virgins

John 'Red' Baron
Adrian 'Old No. 5' Serrell